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About us


Here's a little history for you all. In November 2014 as a single mom I found myself without a job (no fault of mine but oh such a long story) I knew I had to do something! I decided I would take money out of my savings & start Reese & Company (Reese is my son's name). Now, Reese & Company was housed in my extra bedroom and we strictly sold our items on Facebook. We then added an Instagram audience where we shipped items all over the United far as Hawaii. All from good ole South Georgia, I was literally blown away. Things continued growing, we added some home decor but I needed more space! After marrying my very supportive husband, Jeff we decided we would move things to our pool house where we welcomed shoppers on Fridays or whenever their hearts desired. In 2018, I wanted my own store front so the looking began. Building after building...would we ever find the right fit??? Finally, we found THE ONE! Not without our share of struggles. We were under contract when Hurricane Michael hit our little town on a devastating mission. Trees had landed on our building! I WAS IN TEARS but I knew the Lord would see me through it if it was meant to be. My friends, IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!! I opened my very own store front in February 2019 with the help of many amazing people and their support. YOUR SUPPORT, MY BACKBONE, MY CUSTOMERS!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!! You will never know the pride I feel when I see you walking around in Reese & Company items ❤